A Fun Interactive Indoor Exhibition of Dinosaurs and Fossils

Amazing Life Size Dinosaurs

Walk through the exhibition and see the amazing life size Triceratops, the deadly Dimetrodon, and the friendly Parasaurolophus! These full size beast will take your breath away!

Superb Scale Dinosaur Exhibits

We have a host of scale dinosaurs set in realistic scenes so you can see these amazing creatures in their natural habitats!

Discover Fascinating Fossils

Have you ever wanted to find dinosaur fossils like a Palaeontologist? Then brush through the sand in one of our excavation sites to discover a host of dinosaur teeth, bones and claws! What will you find?

Awesome Life Size Dinosaur Skulls

Imagine finding the fossilized skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex from millions of years ago or discovering a rare Triceratops Skull! Get up close and personal with these magnificent beasts – will you put your head in their jaws?

Sit on Deadly Dinosaurs

Have you ever wanted to sit on a Triceratops, a Brachiosaurus or even the scary Deinosuchus?  Well at Dinosaur World you can, but only if you are brave enough!!

Fun Family Explorer Quiz

Take our Dinosaur Explorer Quiz and learn about these amazing creatures as well as having fun – it’s great for all the family and helps every age and ability understand about the exciting world of dinosaurs. And you can win a Dinosaur Expert Certificate!

Interactive Dinosaur Games

New for Summer 2019 check out our rooaarsome new Interactive Dinosaur Games.  Will you complete the Dino Puzzle or match all the pairs in the fun Dino Memory game?

Dinosaur Souvenir Photo

Sit on Derek the Deinonychus and get a special souvenir photo. Taken with professional equipment to ensure a quality souvenir to remember, show how brave you are and snap up a family photo today.

Dinosaur Souvenir Shop

Once you have discovered the world of dinosaurs explorers can browse in our shop to find an exciting souvenir. We’ve got dinosaur models, hatching dinosaur eggs, a great selection of fossils, DVDs, books, and Dinosaur World T-shirts
– all at great prices.

Dinosaur School Visit

 Combine classroom activities with a fun and educational school visit to Torquay’s Dinosaur World so that the children can learn about dinosaurs at the same time as seeing real life displays of these amazing creatures.

Dinosaur Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday with a dinosaur party at Torquay’s Dinosaur World. You can celebrate with a party during normal opening hours, or with a special private party and have the exhibition to yourselves.

Dinosaur Interactive Games

Torquay’s Dinosaur World is a fun interactive indoor exhibition that brings the world of dinosaur to life.

See amazing full size & scaled dinosaurs, discover incredible fossils, learn about these awesome beasts,
enjoy our fun Explorer Quiz and even sit on a deadly dinosaur.

Whether you are a little dinosaur fan, or even a big one, there’s something for everyone to get their teeth into!

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