A Fun Interactive Indoor Exhibition of Dinosaurs and Fossils

The Amazing School of Dinosaurs

Combine classroom activities with a fun and educational visit to Torquay’s Dinosaur World and see the world of dinosaurs brought to life!

We offer a fun educational school package that allows teachers to combine classroom activities with a visit so that the children can learn about dinosaurs at the same time as seeing and interacting with life like exhibits of these amazing creatures.  Suitable for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Our educational package includes the following:

  • Arrival available from 9am
  • A 3 hour visit
  • A 10-15 min talk about dinosaurs and fossils (dependent upon your own time frame)
  • An class specific Workbook to use as you tour the exhibition
  • Discover fascinating fossils in our Excavation Sites
  • Brave explorers can sit on deadly dinosaurs
  • Buy a roooarsome souvenir from our Dinosaur Souvenir Shop
  • A Dinosaur Expert Certificate for all the children
  • Take a souvenir photo on Derek the Deinonychus

All for just £4.95 per child – adults free of charge (minimum 20 paying visitors)

We are open all year round for school visits. You can visit on any day of the week, and during the winter season when we are closed to the public on Monday, Thursday and Friday you can have sole use of the exhibition.

To discuss your requirements email on info@torquaysdinosaurworld.co.uk or call us on 01803 298779.

See below for our School Visit Risk Assessment.

Learn about dinosaurs with our School Visit Workbook.
Dare you put your head inside the T-Rex skull!
Dare you sit on Derek the Deinonychus?
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